Delicious Dessert Recipes From Israel!

Thank you for your interest in these delicious dessert recipes from Israel!

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In Israel, desserts are celebrated and used to celebrate wonderful occasions. However, not everyone in Israel has the means to enjoy these delights.

Approximately 20% of people in Israel live below the poverty line. In the past year, inflation and war have turned difficult situations into desperate ones for families that cannot get enough food to eat.

Would you partner with Leket Israel to provide hot meals all across the nation? Leket is Israel’s national food bank and food rescue organization and is responsible for collecting and harvesting high-quality and diverse food staples and distributing them to those in need.

A gift of just $10 will help provide seven hot meals to those in need. Would you please give a donation today to provide nourishment and hope to hungry families in Israel?

Just $30 can provide a hot meal every day for a family of three for a week.

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