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At Risk Israeli Kids Need Your Help!

800,000 Israeli children and teens go to school hungry, that is one third of the younger generation.

53% of the children in Jerusalem go to bed hungry.

Christians like You can help feed them through Leket Israel: The National Food Bank!

Many of Israel's Young go to School Hungry

Your generous investment of $20 feeds a struggling student for one month

Leket Israel provides urgently needed food to at risk kids across Israel

Why Support Leket Israel?

God's ancient promises to Abraham and his descendants “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” has never been more vital than it is now.

When you give to Leket Israel you are giving to an Israeli based charity. Your generous support goes directly to the Israelis who need it the most!

The People We Help

“Since I was 14 I have been supporting myself by working after school. My dream is to enter an elite IDF combat unit after graduation.”




“There are students whose only meal is at school. Through the hot meals a child receives the highest standard of healthy nutrition.”



Guidance Counseler

“To go to bed hungry is not a good feeling. This lunch is something that really comforts. You know you won’t be hungry all day.”




Secure Donation

Leket Israel Rescues nutritious surplus food in Israel for Israelis in need


Israelis fed each week




Hot meals


Tons of Fruits & Vegetables

Only $20 feeds a struggling student for one month

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