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"To the Jew first..." Romans 1:16

You can be a blessing to people just like Udi

Udi is the child of Holocaust Survivors. He served as a combat medic in the army and now suffers from PTSD. Following a series of circumstances which caused his life to be turned upside down.

Since Udi's mental health declined in 2019 he has been unable to maintain steady employment. His physical and mental health deteriorated and his family abandoned him.

He found himself collecting bottles from the street and garbage and returned them for cash, donating his money to people in need.

Each week Udi goes to Leket Israel's distribution hub in Kiryat Ata.

"The food is really a blessing I would not be able to afford it on my own. The cooked food is delicious and filling. And makes me feel respected to have such high quality food."

Only $25 Feeds a Needy Israeli for One Month

Leket Israel Provides Urgently Needed Food Across Israel - 60 million pounds delivered this year!

Why Christians Support Leket Israel?

Some of the People We Help

“The food I receive is a blessing from Heaven.”
Holocaust Survivor
“We all sit together to eat- truly a homey feeling.”
Holocaust Survivor
“I am so happy to see the work that Leket Israel does.”
Holocaust Survivor

Leket Israel Rescues nutritious surplus food in Israel for Israelis in need


Israelis fed each week




Hot meals


Tons of Fruits & Vegetables

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