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Feed Israel’s Holocaust Survivors and Embrace God's Blessing

We as Christians can restore them through Leket Israel: the National Food Bank

Just $36 will feed a Holocaust survivor for 1 month


Unveiling the Spiritual Harm Caused by Hunger

Imagine yourself a Holocaust survivor in Israel, in the grip of hunger. The emptiness in your stomach is a reminder of all you’ve endured, threatening to overshadow your faith. You long for the nourishment that can restore your physical and spiritual strength. This is the plight of 90,000 of Israeli Holocaust Survivors.

Transforming Hunger into Hope

Leket Israel brings hope and nourishment to Holocaust survivors in Israel. Through our dedicated efforts, Leket Israel provides nutritious meals and support. We not only satisfy immediate needs but also uplift the spirits of survivors, nurturing their resilience and fostering a renewed sense of hope.


Leket Israel Rescues nutritious food in Israel for Israelis in need


Israelis fed each week




Hot meals


Tons of Fruits & Vegetables

Be Blessed for Blessing Israel

"Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me." - Matthew 25:40

We know God promises blessings for those who bless Israel. You have the opportunity to partner in feeding Israel’s hungry. This will yield spiritual rewards and a deeper intimacy with the Lord. You can be part of the next chapter God is writing for Jews and Christians!


Why Christians trust Leket Israel

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Meet Milla, an Israeli Holocaust Survivor we have restored to Fullness and Dignity

“The help we get from here is invaluable, not having to worry about rent or high prices in the stores helps me to live easy. Thank you to everyone who thinks about those in need and provides us with food.” Milla, an 81 year old Holocaust survivor

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