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Hunger Robs 1 in 3 Israeli Holocaust Survivors of Fullness and Dignity

We as Christians can restore them through Leket Israel: the National Food Bank

Just $36 will feed an elderly Israel for 1 month


Experience the Hunger of a Holocaust Survivor

You find yourself as an elderly Israeli, seeking dignity and wholeness. But hunger grips your aging body. Joy and dignity elude you, leaving an emptiness that cannot be filled. Imagine the struggle, feel the ache, and realize there are 90,000 others suffering like you.

Leket Israel: A Story of Fullness and Dignity Restored

Leket Israel bravely battles hunger, rescuing God’s bounty of nutritious food to bless those in desperate need. Our mission extends to elderly Israelis, uplifting them in our shared community at soup kitchens and senior homes. We deliver more than food; we deliver respect, dignity, and the love of God.


Leket Israel Rescues nutritious food in Israel for Israelis in need


Israelis fed each week




Hot meals


Tons of Fruits & Vegetables


Why Christians trust Leket Israel

Your donation secured through PCI compliance and is tax deductible in the USA, Canada, UK, France and Israel

Meet Milla, an Israeli Holocaust Survivor we have restored to Fullness and Dignity

“The help we get from here is invaluable, not having to worry about rent or high prices in the stores helps me to live easy. Thank you to everyone who thinks about those in need and provides us with food.” Milla, an 81 year old Holocaust survivor

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