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Pray Against Addiction Among Youths in Israel​

It is said that every person in Israel knows a family who has lost a son or husband in one of the far too-many wars Israel has fought since 1948. We may be getting to a time that the same may be said of a death from drug overdose. An Israeli politician once wrote, “When

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Sar-El visits Leket Israel

On July 27th Uri Avrouskine the GM of Sar-el tours and conferences and Yinon Ben Hod head of marketing and sales visited logistics center north of Tel Aviv. During the 90 minute meeting Uri and Yinon were given a tour of the center and spoke to senior staff to discuss volunteer opportunities for Christian groups

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Counting the Omer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCxZAr5UD68 Hi, I’m Ray McDonald, shalom aleichem. Peace be on to you. I’m Rosalind McDonald, And together we work for Leket Israel, the National Food Bank. It’s really a tremendous blessing to be doing what we’re doing. And we thought that we would take just a few moments to explain we’re in the midst of

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How to Pray against Antisemitism

We know as Christians we have a special duty to defend the Jewish people. Today I need to share with you the seven keys to praying against antisemitism. Pray Christian Will Understand it is Our Special Duty to Fight Antisemitism I don’t believe God declares a people His chosen and I don’t believe He gives

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Passover Seder: Uniting Jews…. and Christians too!

Pesach or Passover as it’s known in English is a spring festival. In the springtime there’s a feeling of newness, of renewal. The land comes to life as trees bud and flowers bloom. It’s the time of year when a half a billion migrating birds fly over the land of Israel. The earth seems to

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Words from our CEO, Gidi Kroch

With the increasing rate of unemployment and the rising number of families joining the circle of poverty, it is impossible to not feel frustration toward the government who is seemingly not doing enough to provide food aid for people in need. But whose responsibility is it to take care of these people? One could argue

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Leket Israel Feeds Nigerian Christian Refugees

“We are praying for you that God Almighty will pay you back for all the good you, Leket Israel, have done for these children.” We had the privilege of meeting Connie who is in charge of a daycare center for Nigerian Christian Refugee Children in a direly poor section of Israel. These are the children

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2020 Annual Report

Housebound Recipients In mid-March, when the stay-at-home order was put into effect, Leket understood that people still needed to eat. Since Leket meal recipients were not permitted to leave their homes to receive their meals at soup kitchens or distribution centers, Leket staff and volunteers began providing door-to-door delivery to the housebound. Rather than delivering

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Without Hanukkah there would be no Christmas!

If the miracle of Hanukkah did not happen, Israel would have been destroyed and the line of King David would have been broken and Jesus would not have been born. Now I think you are asking the one question most Christians have about Hanukkah, “What is Hanukkah?” Not many Christians know the story of Hanukkah

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Israeli Seniors’ Four Prayer Needs

Why Pray for Israel’s Elderly? It has been my habit to open my prayers with Israel. Its been my practice for over 20 years. Let me tell you how it has made my prayers much more fervent. Sometimes doesn’t it feel like our life’s troubles are insurmountable? Especially now under the COVID-19 quarantine feelings of

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