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Study the book of Ruth

An Ancient Gentile Woman with a Key Message for the Church Today
  • What is a Levirite Marriage?
  • How did the commandment of “Leket” save Ruth and Naomi?
  • What connects Ruth to Abraham and Moses?

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Combat Antisemitism

Antisemitism is on the Rise, we as Christians must Oppose it!

Antisemitic attacks are the most common hate crime in the United States, and these attacks are spreading around the world. As Christians we must not be silent!

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Pray Against the Pandemic

Learn Israel’s prayer needs during this pandemic!

We know as Bible believing Christians that we have a duty to pray for
Israel as well and many of us do, praying especially for the health of the Jewish people.

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There is only one experience in Israel that will let you participate in a Biblical story!

On your next tour to Israel, why not join the more than 50,000 volunteers who have answered Jesus’ call to serve. Help those in need by picking fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields or preparing produce for delivery at the Leket Israel Logistics Center.

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Discover Passover Recipes

WWJE: What Would Jesus Eat?

11 tasty and nutritious recipes for Christians to enjoy during the Passover and Easter season

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