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Leket: Biblical Command, Modern Practice

God commanded farmers leave a portion of the harvest for the poor, we do the same, but with trucks.

“When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very edges of your field, or gather the gleanings (Leket) of your harvest. You shall not strip your vineyard bare, or gather the fallen grapes of your vineyard; you shall leave them for the poor and the alien: I am the Lord your God.”

Leviticus 19:9-10

Our Values


Our work is deeply rooted in the biblical commandment of Leket, demonstrating our unwavering faith


We stand for trust and openness, ensuring clear insight into our operations


We channel our resources to combat food waste, making a tangible and measurable difference.


As caretakers of resources, we maximize the benefits from every gift we receive.

Community Building​

We nurture bonds of solidarity, fostering a global community of supporters.


Upholding respect and human dignity is at the heart of our mission, reflecting our commitment to every individual’s worth

Squandered Bounty, Hungry Hearts

Over 1.7 million people in Israel – one in five – go hungry

Yet, Israel wastes about 2.5 million tons of food annually, a gross injustice against the needy.

Feeding Israel's Hungry for 20 Years

Table to Table is Born
Joseph Gitler started rescuing meals from catering halls and corporate cafeterias out of his Subaru car. The meals were stored in refrigerators lining his driveway before delivery to local nonprofit organizations serving the needy.
The First Warehouse
An old chicken coop was converted into Leket’s first warehouse. The open space contained 5 standard sized refrigerators.
Renovations of the First Warehouse
Leket Israel’s first warehouse underwent renovations to meet the increased need for food storage. Two small refrigerated rooms were built alongside the office and the courtyard working space- totalling 35m².
Leket Israel’s Trucks
Large trucks are acquired, some containing refrigerated boxes, for delivery of food directly to nonprofit organizations.
A Northern Warehouse
Leket Israel begins operations at an additional warehouse located in Nesher to serve its nonprofit partners in Northern Israel.
The First Forklift
To ease the ever increasing amount of food donations received, Leket Israel purchased its first forklift.
The Main Logistics Center, Ra’anana
The organization moved from the chicken coop to a warehouse space in Ra’anana’s Industrial Zone: a 700m hanger with 2 refrigerated containers. .
Logistics Center Renovations
The warehouse was renovated with the addition of a 100m² refrigerated room.
The First Sorting Machine
Leket acquired its first sorting machine to cut work time in half and increase efficiency.
A Fire at Leket Israel’s Main Logistics Center
An electrical fire destroyed Leket Israel’s main Logistics Center in Ra’anana.
A Temporary Warehouse
Leket moved to a temporary warehouse space in Ramot HaShavim. Work continued uninterrupted thanks to Leket staff and volunteers.
A New & Improved Logistics Center
Renovations post fire of Leket Israel’s Logistics Center boasts increased storage and working space and a safer work environment for Leket’s employees and volunteers.
Legislation of the “Food Donation Act”
The law removes both civil and criminal liability to everyone along the food supply chain enabling even more people to donate food to those in need. Leket began the process of pushing this law forward in 2008 and worked with Knesset members to ensure its survival.
Assisting those in need throughout the Covid-19 Crisis
Leket helped a large number of vulnerable people throughout the crisis. The biggest challenge was dealing with the closure of our main surplus food donors.
Moved to a new and bigger Logistics Center
We have moved to a new Logistics Center in Gan Haim.
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Living the Commandments: The Story of Leket Israel's Birth

The year was 2003. Joseph Gitler, a well-to-do lawyer, found himself amidst the joyous celebration of an Israeli wedding. The opulence was overwhelming, but so was the sight of leftover food set to be discarded. The memory of the malnourished children and needy families he’d passed on his way was fresh in his mind. Determined to make a difference, he filled his Subaru with the untouched food and drove it straight to a local soup kitchen. The immediate relief and gratitude in their response – ‘We needed this yesterday!’ – was a wake-up call. From that day forward, Gitler dedicated himself to the cause, giving birth to Leket Israel and becoming a hunger hero.

234,000 fed each week
Over 200 Non Profit Partners
2,000,000 Meals Served
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