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How to Pray against Antisemitism

We know as Christians we have a special duty to defend the Jewish people. Today I need to share with you the seven keys to praying against antisemitism. Pray Christian Will Understand it is Our Special Duty to Fight Antisemitism I don’t believe God declares a people His chosen and I don’t believe He gives

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Israeli Seniors’ Four Prayer Needs

Why Pray for Israel’s Elderly? It has been my habit to open my prayers with Israel. Its been my practice for over 20 years. Let me tell you how it has made my prayers much more fervent. Sometimes doesn’t it feel like our life’s troubles are insurmountable? During the COVID-19 pandemic feelings of isolation or

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Israel’s Urgent Prayer Needs During COVID-19

Contents How to begin your intercessory Prayer Pray with thankfulness as Israel has a special place in God’s Heart. Have an Attitude of Graftitude! Pray for Israel’s Working Families Pray for Israel’s Elderly Pray for Israel’s Farmers Pray for Israel’s Doctors Pray for the IDF Pray the World Honours Israel as the Light unto the

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Seven Keys to Praying for the Israeli Defense Forces

The IDF needs your prayers. During COVID-19 they are not only responsible for the defence of Israel, but are providing critical help to Israel’s doctors and providing food to those most in need. I am sure during this crisis you have been keeping Israel in your prayers, along with your loved ones. But do you

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