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One in three Israeli Holocaust survivors are undernourished. You can change this.

Helping Shimon help others

Imagine starting your day in prayer, committed to serving the elderly in your community. That’s the life of Shimon, a steadfast servant in Israel. Despite his selfless service, Shimon grapples with an unseen challenge plaguing many in Israel—hunger.

Combating Hunger, Upholding Dignity

At Leket Israel, we fight hunger head-on. We source nutritious food from farms across Israel. Feeding Shimon and over 200,000 more like him.

Shimon's Story: More Than Meals

“These meals are a godsend,” Shimon shares. “It’s more than food; it’s dignity and care in a respectful way.”

Bless Israel, Be Blessed

Stand with us in faith today. Extend your blessings to those who need it most, and in turn, open the way for God’s blessings in your life!

Ruth goes hungry every day
Half the kids in Jerusalem are undernourished.
But all this will be thrown out
Half of the good nutritious food in Israel is wasted
So we find those who have too much
We partner with farms and businesses to get good food
And give to those who have too little
Our dedicated volunteers sort, pack, and distribute the collected food to families in need.
Together we are feeding 234,000 Israelis each week
Through your support, we've served millions of meals to families across Israel.
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Feed Holocaust Survivors Today

“The help we get from here is invaluable, not having to worry about rent or high prices in the stores helps me to live easy,” Milla an Israeli Holocaust Survivor

Every dollar you give directly translates to meals for survivors. As you help ‘support the root’ of the Jewish people, you’re not just giving food. You’re giving life, dignity, and the respect they deserve.

Our efforts have already helped feed over 230,000 Israelis each week by rescuing food from waste. But there’s more to be done. Help us ensure that no Holocaust survivor in Israel has to go without a meal.

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