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Prayer Alert: Stand with Israel’s North

Today, we turn our hearts and prayers toward the resilient civilians in Israel’s north, particularly the farmers who are facing tremendous challenges. The northern region, known for its lush landscapes and agricultural significance, is currently enduring immense pressures that threaten the livelihood of many. As followers of our Jesus, we are called to stand in

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Words from a Volunteer

I am always excited to take Christians to volunteer at Leket Israel on the very first day of our solidarity trips. It gives us the opportunity to volunteer in tangible, Christian love. As we pull down the dirt road to the logistics center, everyone on the bus gets quiet as their anticipation grows. When we hop out,

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The experiences of Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Reflecting on Our Duty As we observe Holocaust Remembrance Day, we reflect not only on the atrocities of the past but also on our duty to support those who bear its marks. This day urges us to act against ongoing antisemitism and to help those still affected by the shadows of history. The Plight of

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