Christian Friends of Leket Israel

Make a difference for an Israeli in Need

50,000 Christians have volunteered with Leket Israel: The National Food Bank

The Holy Land is a special, sacred place. Every year Christians from around the world travel to Israel to experience for themselves the land where Jesus was born.

The fields in Israel also became home to Ruth and her mother- in-law. Poor and with no family to care for them, they were rescued by Boaz —an ancestor of Jesus — when he followed the command from Leviticus to leave part of the harvest for the poor to glean. (Lev 19:9) You can relive this biblical story by doing what Ruth did! 

The Hebrew word for glean is “leket.” Like Ruth and Naomi, many in Israel today suffer from poverty and hunger. Leket Israel, The National Food Bank, continues to follow that ancient call by providing nutritious meals to those in need. 

There is only one experience in Israel that will let you participate in a Biblical story!

Staff and volunteers at Leket Israel collect surplus food from fields, hotels and caterers and distributes it throughout the country to all in need. Christian friends of Leket Israel support this work by receiving volunteers as part of their tour to Israel. 

On your next tour to Israel, why not join the more than 50,000 volunteers who have answered Jesus’ call to serve. Help those in need by picking fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields or preparing produce for delivery at the Leket Israel Logistics Center.

Interested in volunteering? Give us a call!

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