Christian Friends of Leket Israel

2022 in Review

Dear Friends,

I am honored to share Leket Israel’s 2022 Annual Report with you.

While Leket Israel is most well-known for its food rescue operations, there are several other projects that the organization has created to assist vulnerable populations in Israel. Whether it is finding new solutions for surplus produce, partnering with municipalities, making holidays extra special, or more, Leket Israel is meeting the need on multiple fronts.

The year 2022 was both challenging and rewarding. With the world opening up after the Covid-19 pandemic, we were fortunate to welcome back our overseas volunteers in the fields and Logistics Center. In July, Leket Israel hosted its annual Leket Live Mission, welcoming fifty supporters for a behind-the-scenes look at our operations. Amongst the participants were members of the Global FoodBanking Network and representatives from food banks in the Philippines, Kenya, and Ghana. They joined the mission to learn best practices and see firsthand the uniqueness of Leket’s operations to incorporate what they saw at home.

On the other hand, with the ongoing war in Ukraine, the rising cost of living, and another new government in Israel, it is clear that there is still much work to do. Leket staff will continue to work hard for the benefit of those in need.

While the world keeps changing, we are grateful that there is one constant – the support of our loyal friends and partners. We are confident that whatever comes our way, thanks to our remarkable leadership and strong partnerships, we will remain focused on providing fresh nutritious food to Israel’s hungry.

Thank you for your support and generosity. I look forward to our continued collaboration for many years to come.

Wishing you a safe and healthy 2023!

Joseph Gitler 

Founder of Leket Israel: The National Food Bank

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