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Christians for Israel Supports Leket Israel

The following ringing endorsement comes from Christians For Israel International and has been translated from dutch.

Food Bank Badly Needed!

Recently we gave another beautiful donation to Leket Israel, a food aid organization in Israel.

Nearly twenty percent of the population lives under the poverty line, among them Holocaust survivors, but also many children from underprivileged families. But every week they feed over 175,000 people.

Leket builds on the Biblical commandment to leave the “Harvest corners of your field” for the poor. In collaboration with farmers, Leket collects “surplus” food and provides about two hundred soup kitchens and other non-profit institutions across Israel with food.

Due to the corona crisis, creative solutions had to be found as companies, and soup kitchens were closed. IDF soldiers therefore helped deliver meals.

Leket has been active in Israel since 2003. Leket’s founder, Joseph Gitler saw how much food was thrown away at a wedding. He wanted to make sure these healthy meals were given to Israelis below the poverty line. He contacted some catering companies and soup kitchens and grew into a national organization.

Leket has since grown, collecting food from from over five hundred farmers, larger companies, and army bases. Also the large network of volunteers and sponsors are indispensable for this beautiful work.

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