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Feeding Holocaust Survivors during COVID-19

During the COVID lockdown Leket Israel was faced with many challenges – both in our harvesting of food and also in delivering that food to those in need. With social distancing rules many soup kitchens and food banks were forced to close. 

However, in spite of these challenges, there were many success stories. One of those success stories was in our partnership with the Israel Electric Corporation. Together we created a project to deliver food to Israel’s Holocaust Survivors. 

Ohad Levy is the information technology, and computer systems manager at Israel Electric Corporation. He coordinated the volunteer side of the project and with his team worked on building personal relationships with the Survivors. 

Some share their personal stories from their experience during the Holocaust when six million Jews perished in the Nazi ovens. Others feel comfortable enough to ask for help with things that need fixing and mending and even for those who do not the volunteers do their best to look to see if they can assist with things to make their lives easier. 

In one instance, scheduling a food parcel drop-off turned into a life saving experience. The IEC volunteer, unable to reach the Survivors to schedule, knew that this was atypical of her and did not give up trying. Finally, the Survivor managed to answer the phone and was able to share that she had fallen. Swiftly, Ohad and other volunteers went to her house, arriving together with an ambulance and the fire brigade which had to break down the door. Thanks to the scheduled food delivery, she was found, taken to an intensive care unit and given live-saving medical treatment. 

Through your support of Leket Israel, you are becoming one with the Father’s Heart for Israel. You are giving back to the Land and the people that have Given us all so Very Much!

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