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Leket Israel: Feeding Israelis During COVID-19

Thank you for your interest in Leket Israel’s work to address nutritional insecurity in Israel.  As we approach the New Year, I kindly request that you consider supporting our relief efforts.
These are challenging times for us all. Israel is in the midst of a recession and unemployment is running at 20%.  As a result, demand on Leket Israel’s services has reached unprecedented levels.
To date in 2020, the organization has provided Israelis in need with 1.8 million hot meals and 14,000 tons (30.9 million lbs.) of fresh produce.
During this time, Leket’s staff has demonstrated remarkable flexibility and innovation in adapting to changing market trends. The organization has temporarily implemented meal purchase to supplement that which could not be rescued due to the closure of hotels, wedding halls, corporate cafeterias etc, providing a life line at the same time to 25 industrial caterers and restaurants faced with closure due to a downturn in business.
In addition staff, with little volunteer support,  has worked tirelessly to rescue thousands of tons of additional produce made available by farmers as a result of a drop in market prices.  The organization for the first time is using part of this excess to prepare  a range of salads for delivery to its  non profit partners.  
Thanks to our donors’ continued generosity, Leket remains financially stable. The future, however, is uncertain. Some nonoperational expenses have already been pared, and the organization will closely monitor its costs on an ongoing basis in an effort to ensure long term liquidity.   Your support at this time will play an important role in maintaining  our long term stability while we address the growing need in the country.

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