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Sar-El visits Leket Israel

On July 27th Uri Avrouskine the GM of Sar-el tours and conferences and Yinon Ben Hod head of marketing and sales visited logistics center north of Tel Aviv.

During the 90 minute meeting Uri and Yinon were given a tour of the center and spoke to senior staff to discuss volunteer opportunities for Christian groups visiting Israel from overseas.

It became apparent to them very quickly that Leket Israel’s need for additional volunteers and the important part visiting Christians can play in sorting and packing fresh fruit and vegetables for delivery to Israelis at high risk. In this way the volunteers will contribute to Israel’s most needy while at the same time fulfilling the biblical concept of blessing Israel.

In volunteering with Leket pastors and their congregants will receive an insight into Biblical concepts like gleaning and leaving the corners of the field fallow, providing information for learning sessions on the essence of these actions and the consequent responsibility the Bible expects us to assume for the less fortunate.

The meeting concluded with us agreeing to continue our contact and in the hope when the situation changes that Sar-el will bring numerous groups to volunteer with the organization.

Visiting Israel, the modern miracle, is a tremendous blessing, It is an incredible faith builder. Many people that return from Israel will say something like “I now read the Bible in 3D!” It is a place where the Bible comes to life.

You walk on stones that perhaps Jesus walked on. You walk on stones perhaps Jesus will walk on in some point in the future!

Israel is truly a miracle country!

More and more Christians are visiting Israel a second or third time. Thy want to be blessed but they also want to be a blessing.

As Paul tells us in Romans 15:27 we as Christians have received a tremendous spiritual blessing from the Jewish people, it is incumbent on us to be a physical blessing to the Jewish people.

If you are planning on leading a tour to Israel why not consider spending some time volunteering at Leket’s farms?

Get some Holy Land soil under your finger nails!

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