Christian Friends of Leket Israel

Words from a Volunteer

I am always excited to take Christians to volunteer at Leket Israel on the very first day of our solidarity trips. It gives us the opportunity to volunteer in tangible, Christian love. As we pull down the dirt road to the logistics center, everyone on the bus gets quiet as their anticipation grows. When we hop out, we are always greeted with warm smiles from the hardworking and extremely organized team at Leket. This time was no different. 
As Shira gave our group of 16 Christians the background of Leket and a safety lecture, I glanced at the eager faces of our team. When she was done explaining what our team was to do, they quickly got started sorting all sorts of produce that had come fresh from the Israeli farmers that morning. I’ll be honest: I have never seen some of my Friends of Israel colleagues work so fast and diligently. This group managed to blow our previous vegetable-sorting record out of the water. They sorted more than 8700 lbs of produce which went to feed more than 1800 Israelis that week. I’m sure that’s not a Leket Israel record, but to us, it was gold. We had the best time, not only working together, but knowing that as American Christians, we were here to bless the Israeli people through food at a time when the tiny Jewish nation needs love and friendship the most. 
Our group told me countless times that they were deeply moved by the opportunity to meet and work side-by-side with Israelis. It isn’t something that typical Christian pilgrims usually get to do. Getting to know the people of the land of Israel on a personal level is a true blessing that sticks with a visitor for the rest of their life. 
Every time I bring a group to Leket Israel, our goal is to bless God’s uniquely chosen people. And every time, we come away more blessed than we could have imagined. 
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Leket Israel team, who graciously allows us Christians the opportunity to follow God’s Word and bless the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Israel (Gen. 12:3).
Amy Hansen
Director of Ministry Support and Relief
Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry


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