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How to cut down on food waste

We spend so much on food, but end up throwing a lot of it out.

Let’s talk about getting the most out of every dollar at the grocery store.

Keep a log of what is thrown out

Before you can change your food waste habit, you need to become aware of it.

Keep a log in the kitchen of what is thrown out, this will help you see how much food (and money!) you are wasting, and will inspire you to start buying and eating in a more controlled way.


Stay organized at the grocery store

There’s no shame in admitting it. We’ve all been there at one point or another.

We walk into the grocery store knowing exactly what we need. But after passing aisle after aisle of shopping we eventually fall victim to impulse buying. Our shopping cart gets filled with stuff we don’t really need.

Eventually our fridges are overfilled and we end up throwing a lot of it out before it is even opened.

How to prevent over buying.

1) Take more frequent trips. If possible increase the number of trips you take, this way you are only buying for a few days and can better stick to your grocery plan.

2) When possible choose smaller carts. As you fill a smaller cart, you will trick your brain into thinking you have purchased more than you have, helping you control your spending.

3) Practice meal planning. If you can spend a few minutes decided what you want to eat over the next few days it will be much easier to stick to your shopping list.

Think before throwing something away

A lot of household food waste comes from not understanding how long food can last.

Best before dates for example are not expiry dates, but refer only to the date at which a perfect flavour and texture can not be guaranteed.

For example

Eggs: Can be extended up to three weeks past their best before date
Bread: Refrigerated bread can last up to two weeks past their best before date
Canned food: Can be extended up to several years passed the best before date

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