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The Problem of Food Waste in Israel

1 in 3 Israeli youth go hungry while almost 2.5 million tonnes of food are wasted.

That’s almost 35% of all the good, nutritious food farmed in Israel.

That’s $1,150.00 of wasted food per household.

Leket Israel: The National Food Bank’s president Gidi Kroch has said,

“The worsening problem of food waste and insecurity has only accelerated since the start of the pandemic, stressing the need to include halving waste reduction as a national cause, by the end of the decade.”

“The findings of the Food Waste and Rescue Report illustrate the dire consequences and effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the social and economic aspects and emphasize the urgent need for action and recognition by the state on food rescue, which can provide a complete response to millions of people already suffering from food insecurity and the tens of thousands of people who joined them due to the coronavirus”

“The great advantage of rescuing food is the ability not only to close the entire food insecurity gap in Israel by a quarter of the budget but also higher utilization of resources and waste prevention. Additionally, food rescue helps reduce emissions and pollutants and strengthens the fight against the global climate crisis. Therefore, as recommended in the policy chapter of the report, the Prime Minister’s Office should lead and promote the preparation of an inter-ministerial plan to advance the field of food rescue in a way that will holistically reflect the many benefits of food rescue.”

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