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Leket Ambassadors

 For the past 19 years, Leket Israel has been working with farmers, hotels, corporate cafeterias, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) army bases, and other food donors, to rescue nutritious cooked food to benefit those who need it most. Additionally, with the help of licensed dietitians, Leket Israel provides nutrition education workshops to vulnerable populations to teach them critical skills such as eating healthy on a limited budget and the value of trying unfamiliar fruit and vegetables. However, in an everchanging world it is very clear that another crucial element to Leket Israel’s growth and success is creating brand awareness.

Growing Leket Israel’s donor and partner network is no longer possible only via word of mouth or through its printed marketing materials. Increased awareness

Leket Ambassadors

through social media and brand ambassadors opens a new audience of potential supporters. In the past year, Leket has partnered with popular social media influencers to increase the number of our own social media followers and donations. Additionally, Leket has brought in well-known Israeli actress Nelly Tagar, for the new What a Waste! campaign, with promotions on television, radio, and digital and print outlets.

Further, Leket Israel has built a new Leket Ambassador program to help spread the word of Leket. The Ambassador program is comprised of both staff and volunteers in Israel who are trained in different presentation skills to represent Leket Israel in front of any type of group. The Ambassadors learn body language, public speaking, Leket

updates and more, to customize their speech to whatever audience they are addressing.

With the growth of Leket’s brand awareness, the goal is for Leket to increase its operations and provide more nutritious surplus food to those who need it most.

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