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Our duty to fight Antisemitism

Our Sacred Duty to Stand Against Antisemitism: A Christian’s Call to Action As a Christian who deeply loves Israel, my heart aches when I see the rise of antisemitism in our world. We are not called to be bystanders when the weak and vulnerable are attacked. Instead, we are commanded to rise up and defend

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Prayer Alert: Stand with Israel’s North

Today, we turn our hearts and prayers toward the resilient civilians in Israel’s north, particularly the farmers who are facing tremendous challenges. The northern region, known for its lush landscapes and agricultural significance, is currently enduring immense pressures that threaten the livelihood of many. As followers of our Jesus, we are called to stand in

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Words from a Volunteer

I am always excited to take Christians to volunteer at Leket Israel on the very first day of our solidarity trips. It gives us the opportunity to volunteer in tangible, Christian love. As we pull down the dirt road to the logistics center, everyone on the bus gets quiet as their anticipation grows. When we hop out,

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The experiences of Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Reflecting on Our Duty As we observe Holocaust Remembrance Day, we reflect not only on the atrocities of the past but also on our duty to support those who bear its marks. This day urges us to act against ongoing antisemitism and to help those still affected by the shadows of history. The Plight of

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Passover Message

Why Passover means more to me than Easter The date of Easter changes through the year, but we know that Jesus was crucified just before Passover. The fifteenth of the Jewish month of Nisan. As a Christian who embraces the Jewish roots of my faith, I see Passover not just as a historical event but

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2024: Successsfully Feeding Israelis in Crisis

Food Purchase In response to the increase of 22% and rising demand for Leket’s services, coupled with the decrease in the availability of surplus food for rescue from both the agricultural and catering sectors; Leket continues to purchase food for redistribution to populations at high risk in 2024. Meal rescue has steadily been recovering as

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Sukkot: How does a hut demonstrate God’s faithfulness?

Diving into the rich mosaic of Jewish festivals, Sukkot presents itself not just as a season of gratitude but also as a profound bridge, linking the histories of both Christians and Jews. If you’ve ever sought to explore the deeper biblical ties between Christianity and its Jewish roots, understanding Sukkot offers a beautiful and enlightening

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Iris’ story: A Single Mom uplifted by Leket Israel

I’m Iris, I am 49 and a single mother to 9 children. I work in a nursery school for children. We’re a one income family. I met Roni from Bet Nehriya and he introduced me to Leket Israel. I’ve had a difficult life and I thank God that I was able to get to where

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Three Hebrew words all Christians need to know

Hebrew is a nuanced and complex language. Far more than English. Each Hebrew word has a root, or “shoresh”, which can be added to suffixes and prefixes to convey complex ideas very quickly. This is why you will often see three or four Hebrew words translated into whole English sentences. Unfortunately sometimes translators try and

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