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William Hechler: The Pastor who helped found Israel

How much love can one Christian have for Israel? I believe God calls each of us to support the Jewish people. I believe that we live in a time when our support is vital to the survival of the Jewish state. An inspiring example of this love is the Reverend William Hechler. When the Father

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The Problem of Food Waste in Israel

1 in 3 Israeli youth go hungry while almost 2.5 million tonnes of food are wasted. That’s almost 35% of all the good, nutritious food farmed in Israel. That’s $1,150.00 of wasted food per household. Leket Israel: The National Food Bank’s president Gidi Kroch has said, “The worsening problem of food waste and insecurity has

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How to cut down on food waste

We spend so much on food, but end up throwing a lot of it out. Let’s talk about getting the most out of every dollar at the grocery store. Keep a log of what is thrown out Before you can change your food waste habit, you need to become aware of it. Keep a log

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The Shocking Reality of Child Hunger in Israel

One in Three Israeli Children Go to Bed Hungry According to the National Insurance Institute 800,000 Israeli children and teens go to school hungry, that is one third of the younger generation (Jerusalem Post). 53% of the children in Jerusalem go to bed hungry (Jewish Food Hero). The situation is bleak, “Some head to school

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Jesus and the Tallit

Judaism: A Fringe Religion How were Jesus’ values apparent in His clothing? Many of us have an incorrect image of Jesus like this in our mind, By Heinrich Hofmann – "Christ And The Rich Young Ruler" public domain picture, Public Domain, But in reality He would have looked much more like this, The blue striped

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2021 Summary Report

Greetings from the Founder Dear Friends,   I am delighted to share with you Leket Israel’s 2021 Annual Report.  This Report highlights Leket’s accomplishments in 2021 as well as shares its milestones from the past 18 years.  We are truly grateful for your ongoing support. Together, we can continue to provide fresh rescued food to those who need

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Feeding Holocaust Survivors during COVID-19

During the COVID lockdown Leket Israel was faced with many challenges – both in our harvesting of food and also in delivering that food to those in need. With social distancing rules many soup kitchens and food banks were forced to close.  However, in spite of these challenges, there were many success stories. One of

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Edna: A Leket Israel Volunteer

Leket Israel relies on tens of thousands of volunteers each year to help glean and sort produce. Most of our volunteers are Israeli but many of our volunteers are part of tours which come for short term visits.  Edna, mother of five and grandmother to many, made Aliyah (moved to Israel) 30 years ago. Before

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The Story of Hanukkah

The story of Hanukkah is the first story of people fighting for the freedom to worship God, free from government intrusion or forced cultural change. In the second century before Christ, the Jews and their Homeland were occupied by the Seleucid, the Greek Kingdom based in Syria. The Greeks mistreated the poor across the land,

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Hanukkah Recipe

Potato Latkes Recipe Oil is central to the story of Hanukkah, so to commemorate this many foods associated with the holiday are fried in oil. Cheese Latkes became associated with Hanukkah in Italy in the early fourteenth century, and after a famine in eastern Europe in the mid nineteenth century, potatoes were substituted for cheese.Ingredients

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